Tuesday, 10 January 2017

HNI (High Networth Individuals ) Database

HNI stands for High net worth Individuals. HNI Database contains name, contact no, email ids, salary amount, etc of list of individuals with surplus of money to invest on different sectors, commodities, schemes etc. This database helps different companies or people, with the need to promote their business to individual level, for example jewellery, car, insurance etc.

HNI Database files help business companies , individuals to do a mass promotion among the list of potential clients with respective business interest. HNI Database has emails ids and contact no, so different companies may use this information for marketing of their business by bulk messaging or by mass mailing to the email ids . The high accuracy level makes it more interesting and helpful for business teams. People can purchase this database state or city wise, or the files which matches their business interest, and obviously according to the budget. Always this database gets updated to give better service to clients.


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